Puma Animagical Women, Animagical Man (2010) by Puma Fragrances for Men and Women

May 1, 2010

This June 2010, Puma is set to release a new animalistic duo inspired by African magic and urban allure. Announcing the arrivals of Animagical Women and Animagical Man; a surprising twist of exotic spring blossoms and sparkling fruits! Puma invites you to explore the kingdoms of urban instinct with this enticing pair. (See)

Animagical Women perfume encompasses a sexy combination of pink grapefruit and Caribbean lemon that melt into a decadent heart of papya, Cape town freesia and water lily. A lingering base finishes with sensual chocolate and South African Tamboti wood. Animagical Women is a burst of energy, sophisticated and dreamy. Available as a 20 and 40 ml Eau de Toieltte and matching body products: 200 ml shower gel, 75 ml deo natural spray, 150 ml deodorant aerosol spray. The Animagical Women collection features pink zebra stripes, symbolizing the youthful feministic rhythms of Africa. It’s fun, magnetic. (See more Puma)
Animagical Man approaches masculinity with a fresh, aromatic and urban balance. It’s seductive top notes start with a fruity prescription of Umkokola (kei apple, Dovyalis caffra) and cardamom. A breezy heart of exotic rosemary, basil and energetic grapefruit introduce a romantic base of tropic wood. Animagical Man cologne will arrive in a 24 ml and 40 ml Eau de Toilette. Matching body products include 60 ml after shave lotion, 200 ml shower gel, 75 ml deo natural spray and 150 ml deodorant aerosol spray. Featured face for Animagical Man cologne is Puma’s ambassador Usain Bolt.
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