Thermafuse Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Collection

April 18, 2010

ThermaFuse Color Care Conditioner:

Keep your color-treated hair vivid and beautiful! Special ingredients protect your color from fading, while making hair healthy, shiny and tangle-free. Wow!

ThermaFuse Color Care Shampoo:

Hair care starts with clean hair. Your hair’s future looks brighter than ever! When you use this incredibly gentle, color-protecting shampoo, your hue will stay intense and vivid for a long time,with plenty of dazzling shine, too. Wow!!

ThermaFuse Moisture Shampoo:
Turn dry hair into totally healthy hair. Cleanse and moisturize with this gentle, rich, luxurious lather that rinses quickly while it hydrates from roots to ends! Voila! Hair that shines with health.

ThermaFuse Moisture Conditioner

Drench that dryness with daily moisture. Abundant emollients nourish and hydrate, leaving your hair refreshed and full of life. Viola! Manageable, shiny, healthy hair! (See)

ThermaFuse Strength Shampoo

Reinforce your weakest links! This enriching formula fortifies and rebuilds your hair structure with a multitude of potent proteins. Ta da! Fragile hair turns virtually indestructible.

ThermaFuse Strength Conditioner:

Say bye-bye to brittle hair that snaps off at a touch. Say hello to this protein-rich, deep conditioner that reconstructs hair as it rebuilds, detangles and shines. Ta da!

ThermaFuse Thermadan Shampoo:

Don’t let the flakes upset you. Just eliminate them with this effective, therapeutic herbal formula. A little bit is all it takes to get instant relief from itchy, flaky dandruff. Aaahh! Your new secret to gorgeous hair. (buy now)

ThermaFuse Thermadan Conditioner:

So long, itchy scalp and annoying flakes. And welcome to touchable, healthy hair. One minute is all it takes to restore your hair to its natural, dandruff-free appearance. Aaahh! (see more)

ThermaFuse Volume Shampoo:

Go ahead – fatten up your hair! Indulge in this rich, volumizing cleanser that plumps hair with natural proteins and unique botanical extracts like Arnica, Stinging Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Watercress, Aloe, Seaweed and Aloe Vera. Va-va-voom!

ThermaFuse Volume Conditioner:

Eliminate flatness and flyaways! This static-controlling, vitamin-enriched formula thickens and conditions your fine, limp hair without adding weight. Va-va-voom!

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