Perry Ellis for Women by Perry Ellis Perfume for Women

October 20, 2009

Perry Ellis for Women by Perry Ellis

Let loose all fear, and move passionately into the future, as you envoke your destiny through Perry Ellis new masterpiece, Perry Ellis for women. This incredible new fragrance will shock and allure you, as you become enwrapped with the decandent and peculiar mix of fruit and classical elements that are provided only by a true juggernaut in the league of fragrances Perry Ellis is expected to deliver. As you are shipped away on this boat of passionate, feminine notes, you will wonder why you hadn’t discovered Perry Ellis for Women sooner, and may chastise your closest friends for the very same reason.

Perry Ellis for Women comes to you at peak season with no fear, and you will understand perfectly why, the moment these sharp fragrances entice your every sense. You won’t believe the incredible fruity mixtures of mandarin orange, apple, jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley, vanilla, musk, amber and the decadenct center gourmand plum which will place you in the very seat of ecstacy. Perry Ellis promises to deliver you a voyage into the feminine exquisite, and they have not failed you, with the remarkable Perry Ellis for Women.

Plum, Mandarine Orange, Apple
Jasmine, gardenia, lily of the Valley
Amber, Musk, Vanilla
Everything about Perry Ellis for Women will shock and delight you, from the hypnotizing fragrances within to the breathtaking flacon design without. The concept for this marvelous fragrance is voyage, and the joy achieved from a timeless trek through the seas on lost shores, and you will fathom this concept instantly upon siht of the flacon, so poignant is its quartered, rhombus design that is literally anchored down by a crystaline stopper which wraps below in a pure gold base secured by a gold sailors knot chain that will take you across the seven seas and back. With one spray. That is the power, of Perry Ellis for Women.
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