Marc Jacobs Daisy Bloom by Marc Jacobs Perfume for Women

October 20, 2009

Daisy Bloom by Marc Jacobs

Summer. Spring. Smooth breezes and a child’s warm smile. Its hard to imagine all these things conveyed within one perfume, and yet somehow Marc Jacobs has managed this with their third variation of the Daisy fragrance line, Daisy Blooms. This incredible fragrance bears strong reminscents of openly bright sucessions, prided with the happiness and sweetness only expressed through the height of the fairest of the two seasons. Daisy Bloom even comes with a packet of eccentric stickers, of various precious creatures, butterflies and ladybugs, with which you can embellish your daisy bottle, or anything else as you see fit. This expresses the frivolity, and downright ease you will feel about yourself, and others upon application of Daisy Bloom by Marc Jacobs.

Daisy Bloom is a limited edition release, and shows its brilliant colors in more then one way, as it thrust you into a field of imagination as you become envigorated with sensations of ruby red grapefruit, gardenias, violet petals, wild strawberries, jasmine petals, and violet leaves. With a promising drydown of soft musk,vanilla extract and precious white woods, dont find yourself suprised if Daisy Bloom turns you into the sleeping beauty of legend.

Strawberries, Violet Leaves, Grapefruit
Gardenias, Violet Petals
Musk, Vanilla, White Woods, Sandalwood
Daisy Bloom is an elegant mixture which was concocted to provide the receiver with a harmonizing mixture of sophistication, and sensuality, while still maintaining the good heartiness and pleasurability of summer days aloft. Brought to you in the flacon design Daisy and Daisy Black Edition were in, this wonderful potion has only been altered to bring you the dual green flowered stopper, centered with precious gold and illuminated thusly, you can prepare for the item which makes you smell delectable to look the same no matter where it stands. And a handful of stickers won’t hurt either.

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