Kenzo Amour Florale by Kenzo Perfume for Women

October 20, 2009

Kenzo Amour Florale by Kenzo

Refreshment is the number one requisite for summer days. And it seems nowadays on earth, any day of the year can turn into summer day, so have no fears that your only now receiving the long anticipated release of Kenzo’s Kenzo Amour Florale. This enticing and tantalizing new scent was made for the very purpose of providing you with an astounding, refreshing, light hearted floral respite to the woes of every day, and achieves this with utmost precision. Once you’ve been enveloped in the miraculous sensations of Kenzo Amour Florale, you wont ever want to come back.

Kenzo Amour Florale comes to you with a delectable mix of fragrances that well electrify the senses with supreme tranquility, and you will likely find difficulty escaping this field of relaxation. Kenzo Amour Florale strikes your senses with light felt notes of cardamon oil, black currant, sparkling grapefruit, frangipani, rose buds, gardenia, white musk, cedar, and these are all centered with the marvelous prominence felt by Neroli, the succulent scent which comes during the middle of the scent and solidifies itself during the dry down. Kenzo Amour Florale promises to be the finest touch of blessing in your collection.

Cardamon, Blackcurrent, Grapefruit
Frangipani, Rose, Gardenia
Musk, Virginia Cedarwood

Designed by well respected perfumer, Alberto Morillas, Kenzo Amour Florale not only delights your every sensation with notes of marvel, the flacon design in which it is encased is a marvel and achievement in and of itself! This insatiable design appears that it came not from the halls of Kenzo’s fragrance section, but as a startling, sacred elixir from some long lost alien planet. It is circled in small capacity by a marvelous snowy white frosted sheer glass, and bears a splendiferious curviture at the neck of the stopper which amounts to the top piece in a flawless salutation. Wether it is beauty of scent or beauty of sight, Kenzo’s Kenzo Amour Florale will provide for every desire, and beyond.

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