Celine Dion Spring in Provence and Chic by Celine Dion Perfume for Women

October 20, 2009

Spring in Provence by Celine Dion and Chic by Celine Dion

There are few women whom one can immediately recollect when words or phrases such as profound, supremely dedicated, and heart-filled inspiration are used. Even when considering the field of music this is often the case. But one woman who may very likely come to your mind is Celine Dion. Well known for her ultra-emotional showcasing, her vibrant and life-altering performances, and her supreme sensibility to place and style in comfortability with her womanhood, there are few musicians who do not make an ill comparison when juxtaposed to this dashing diva on the pedestal. And she has sought to make sure her fragrances capture and embody these exact elements, with her amazing new releases, Spring in Provence and Chic. Both, though uniquely different, provide all these varying aspects of aptitude and marvel that one expects from the cunning head liner, and you may very likely feel like one yourself, after application of Spring in Provence and Chic by Celine Dion.

Spring in Provence

Whats important in your life? History? Culture? Or how about the perfect moment of homeostasis in nature. These and more are all the things offered to you within the hidden fragrances of Spring in Provence. Celine Dion with this new signature fragrance, brings you a sweet embrace from the finest halls in france, where kings and violets have blossomed within the same very instance. Prepare to be enthralled by the enlightening sensations of Spring in Provence.

Upon application, you will be envigorated with a delightful mixture of precious scents, from the sweet aroma of honeysuckles, ambrette accords, passion fruit, mimosa absolute, bergamot and passion fruit, there is no exception of nature not caught within this misty endeavor. And with additional heavy notes of coriander and a very humble, vetiver with a hint of musk, prepare yourself for the elegance of a life time.

With a marvelous flacon design of glass, embridled with a rich pastel green and outlined by a sophisticated, curved white fixture, you will feel partisan to the very elements themself. Which is the exact way one should wish to feel, when they are under Spring in Provence.


Define a persona of supreme style and elegance that commands not only authority but devote attention. Now let that persona define you, with Celion Dion’s all new Chic. Opulence is a mode of living, but style is a gift, and fortunately this is one extraordinariy gift you will be able to purchase, and at an affordable cost. Celine Dion has been adamant over this goal in her presentation, and the results show emphatically she was not wrong in her assumptions. Chic will place you upon the pedestal of all you pass by, as they are brushed with Chic, the glamorous fashion item that screams sophistication, and even royality.

When you are embraced with the fragrant aroma of this perfume, you will become intoxicated by its astounding combinations that never overpower the senses, but do not deprive you of the lasting power most light scents so often tend to. As you delve into the beautiful aquatic notes you will find yourself in a league of your very own, dazzled by notes of sandalwood, gardenia, green violets, peony, amber, blond wood, and lotus. Nothing but necessity was used for chic, by the widely recognized perfumer Patricia Choux of Symrise. Expect elegance, and expect satisfaction from Chic.

Chic is presented to you in a marvelous flacon design, that displays what its contents represent, a marvelously delightful yet depositedly strong facade that cannot be broken or wavered. With a thin design it slides in easy to all places, made of sharp eye turning crystal with a widened black stopper and gold rimmed revolving that will leave your eyes in as much allure as the scent will preceding it. Chic is here. Chic is it.

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