Carolina Herrera CH Men by Carolina Herrera Cologne for Men

October 20, 2009

CH Men by Carolina Herrera Cologne for Men
Style. Sophistication. Masculinity.

All remarkable qualities in and of themselves, but is it possible for a man to have all these qualities? You’ll certainly smell like you do, after the first application of CH Men by Carolina Herrera. This remarkable new fragrance has a story in and of itself, and you’ll witness the journey yourself upon purchase, as the book, titled, “Travel Diaries“, comes in tout. In this incredible text, you’ll witness the journey of developer Carolina Herrera, as she goes in pursuit of this mysterious man. Perhaps you’ll come to find you yourself are the man she has been looking for. Find out for yourself what class you fit, with this provocative male counterpart of CH Women, CH Men.

CH Men was made to represent passion, sophistication, eccenctricity, and fearledd adventure. You’ll find the marvelous notes within this powerful fragrance express this exact thing, as you become enwrapped in a ferver of mandarin, a light pistle of saffron, a dusty haze of nutmeg, a whisper of bergamot, and the dashes of ambergris, moss, burnt sugar, and vanilla that will tantalize every conceivable portion of your senses, and become the deciding mold for you, wether you are truly CH Men or not.

Bergamot, Grapefruit
Jasmine, Violet, Woodsy Notes, Saffron, Nutmeg
Leather, Sugar, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Amber
This remarkable fragrance was made upon the premise of a superior male, an alpha male, who has no fears of adventure and a full sense of responsibility and ownership. Marked by the commentation of men of just these varying calibers, rest assured you’ll be in the hands of the believed as in delve into this frantically spiritualizing concontion, CH Men. Brought to you in a marvelous flacon that represents everything the volume does, you will find yourself embridled with a fine leather mold of the words “CH” wrapped around a stainless steel cast with stainless steel stopper that denotes class, sophistication, and absolute integrity. Find yourself, with CH Men.

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