Antonio Banderas Seduction In Black by Antonio Banderas Cologne for Men

October 16, 2009

Seduction In Black by Antonio Banderas

It is said white is the condition of all colors melded together in the simplest form. And it is also said, that black is the absence of all color entirely. So you will fine nothing flashy, nothing overbearing in this new fragrance from Antonio Banderas, Seduction in Black. Be taken away by the absence of all unnecesarry values, and find yourself thrusted into the allure of total darkness, to feel the warm embrace that tittilates the darkest of desires in each and every one of us.

Seduction in Black for men is the wicked follow up to Blue Seduction, the contemplative seducer, which has yielded before this, the most temptuous of all the seducers. Become arrested with the warm, daring fragrance of Seduction in Black. Be taken away through lusty shadows as you endeavor upon a veiled path of amber, woody accords, and many other spiced, sensual notes which denote the fabrics of time itself. There is no resisting temptations in this world, and one will not need to when they’re first impression, is Seduction in Black.

Bergamot, Black Currant
Nutmeg, Coriander, Cardamom
Virginia Cedar, Musk, Amber, Tonka Bean
Antonio Banderas, one of the most highly regarded charismatic actors of our time, presents Seduction in Black in the exact way he would present himself. In a sleek, smooth, passionate design that expresses confidence, strength, superiority, and above all, perfection. Provide for your senses, indulge in your fantasies, and kneel before the precious nature that is, Seduction in Black.

Antonio BanderasSeduction In Black is available in two sizes: 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Natural Spray for men. Great gift ideas for the Holidays!

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