2009 Halloween Make Up Tips and Techniques

September 11, 2009

Don’t you wish that instead of getting candy on Halloween, you could trick or treat for beauty products? Imagine coming home with all kinds of eye shadows, lip glosses and creams that you and your friends could trade—how much fun would that be? Below are a list of beauty tricks that will make you frightened!

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Why Makeup?
Masks can be an uncomfortable and difficult part of a costume, especially for children. Kids cannot see very well when trick or treating, which can quickly become a hazard as darkness approaches and they are running around the streets. Even if you are not a child, a mask can be hot and constricting, especially at a party or while trying to consume those favorite Halloween treats!

Halloween makeup is the best solution as you can easily remain in disguise without the hassle of a mask. Makeup also transforms your face and body into the character you are trying to portray, instead of simply feeling like you are wearing a costume.


1. Buy face paint or make your own.
2. Always try out the look before the big night or event, experiment to see what you like.
3. Once your makeup is complete, cover entirely with powder to minimize smearing.
4. Always wash your face first and dry completely.
5. For oily skin, apply astringent – witch hazel is a good choice – to help makeup stay better on greasy skin.
6. Always tie hair back when applying makeup.
7. Sit down in front of a counter or table with a mirror and spread out all your tools and makeup.
8. Wrap an old towel around shoulders and neck.
9. Test for allergies on the inside of your wrist a couple days before applying makeup to the entire face.
10. Never use real paint, only products specifically designed for use on your skin.
11. With children, sit down and solicit their help in designing their Halloween makeup. Even draw the designs on paper to be sure you have exactly what they are looking for. It is also important to completely avoid the eye area with children, as they tend to rub and touch their face often.

Specific Halloween Makeup Techniques:

1. Use feathers or sponges as a paintbrush for a various effects.
2. White glue and corn syrup as safe adhesives.
3. Mix makeup or paint colors to find the perfect shade for the look you want.
4. When trying to emulate a particular creature or person, scrutinize a picture and look for specific identifying features to highlight in your Halloween makeup costume.

Basic Halloween Makeup Special Effects Tips

Wounds: When it comes to making special effects wounds, pictures speak louder than words. Here is a very detailed tutorial that results in a very real, very graphic laceration. Not for the faint of heart. You can find another wrist wound here.

Blood: Depending on how and where you want to use the fake blood, this could be as simple as buying some gel blood and letting it ooze down your skin. See the tutorial above for ways to paint it around actual special effects gashes or wounds. If you plan to put the blood in or around your mouth, consider making your own with this tutorial.

Teeth: In most cases, you can just go out and buy the teeth you want. If the teeth are to be drawn on your skin (skeleton makeup, for example), you can check specific makeup tutorials for tips. In most cases, you’ll be painting white cream makeup onto your skin and outlining the teeth with black liner. Want to make fangs for your vampire costume? Halloween Online Magazine can tell you how. The recipe takes a surprisingly small number of materials.

Ears: Want pointy ears? No problem. First, clean the top part of your ears with alcohol to remove any dirt or oil. Let that dry and then fold the ear to form a point. Use liquid latex as glue so the fold stays where you put it. Use spirit gum to match your skin tone and fill in the fold. Voila!

Wrinkles: They’re wrinkles, not zebra stripes, so don’t just draw then on with eyeliner and let them dry. You’ll need to smudge them out a little on either side to create a contoured, three-dimensional effect.

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