Giorgio Armani Cèdre Olympe, Oranger Alhambra, Rose Alexandrie by Giorgio Armani Cologne for Men Perfume for Women

August 1, 2009

Giorgio Armani Cèdre Olympe, Oranger Alhambra, Rose Alexandrie by Giorgio Armani Cologne for Men Perfume for Women

Cèdre Olympe

Cèdre Olympe evokes the moment when the drifting scents of resin rise beneath the outstretched branches, when the sun hits the stone walls, when the sea breeze drifts in off the Aegean Sea.

Not far from this majestic tree, Bitter Orange and Bergamot distil their sun-drenched fragrance, any way the wind blows; and with the dark green scent of lemon tree leaves, the shade is almost palpable.

Giorgio Armani dedicates Cèdre Olympe to the gods of the Mediterranean.

Oranger Alhambra, the light of the Mediterranean sun.

The art of Persian gardens has lived on in Andalusia; within the walls of the Alhambra there exists a garden that is a piece of paradise on earth. The architecture of the gardens of Alhambra is engraved into eternity.

White arrow-shaped blooms of jasmine and tender garlands of roses find shelter in the shade of the sweet-smelling foliage of orange trees; only spindly-leaved rosemary and the hardy stems of marjoram turn and face the baking sun.

The finest essences of Citrus add a great splash of light to the top notes of Oranger Alhambra; not just the sparkle of Lemon, Bergamot and bitter Orange, but also the boldness of Petitgrain which distills a touch of sharpness, greenness and vitality into its leaves and young branches.

Robust, authentic and simple, Rosemary and Marjoram add an aromatic and wild facet to Jasmine. Finally, Moss and Patchouli recall the presence of damp soil in the waves of fragrance drenched by the sun.

Giorgio Armani created this fragrance as a hymn to his childhood memories of freshness and the sunlight of the Mediterranean.

Rose Alexandrie

Just like the light of the day, reveals from dawn to dusk, bit by bit the beauty of nature, Giorgio Armani chose to evoke the beauty of legendary gardens.

Rose Alexandrie invites you to discover the fragile strength of Alexandrie legendary gardens.

The journey begins with the effervescent freshness of bergamot and Italian mandarin and then gently touches the creamy petals of neroli.

Sunny and powdery, the yellow mimosa gives way to the rose. The rose selected by Giorgio Armani is rich, absolute and intense. It comes to life fresh with the light of the dawn and in the evening its heady scent then blends with the vanilla warmth of benzoin.

Giorgio Armani admires this strong and fragile flower and dedicates her to Rose Alexandrie.

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