10 Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know- How to Intensify Your Summer Look

May 1, 2009

10 Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know- How to Intensify Your Summer Look

Every Woman has her own secrets to staying beautiful and healthy. When it comes to beauty tips, we find them in the most convenient places. (Magazines, Commercials, Beauty Counters, Co Workers, Friends etc.) You have tried hundreds of products and spent most of your time searching for a look that best suites YOU. You wonder, which beauty tips actually work? The secrets we are about to share are sure to make your look glowing and flawless!
1. Foundation is Key: There are golden rules when applying your makeup. Foundations should match your skin tone. If you have acne, don’t use a liquid base foundation. This will make your skin look unnatural and clump in certain areas of your face. Cover up blemishes with a concealer instead. Add a light powder and gently blend evenly. Make sure to evenly distribute your powder extending past the jaw line and hair lines. You don’t want to look like your wearing a mask!

2. Lipstick: Make sure the lipstick you choose is the right tone for your skin color, hair and eyes. Try using lighter, softer shades during the day and darker more intense shades at night. Not only will this add personality, it will match your body tones accordingly. To create a great shimmer, apply sparkling eye shadow to enhance a shiny shade.

3. Don’t Over Do It: Some might say too much makeup actually makes you look worse. If you wear foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and gloss on an everyday basis, you might want to consider toning it down. With a daily routine of Mascara, Concealer, and Lip Gloss, you look stunning and natural. It’s also a great relief for your skin. Don’t hide your beauty, let it shine!
4. Go Curly!: Nothing’s sexier then voluptuous curls. They accentuate your facial features and add volume to your do. For simple Curls or waves, wind your hair around the barrel of a large curling iron. Reverse direction for each 2-inch section (wind up for one, down for another). It’s that simple! You can also add volume with volumizing mousse or shampoo. Try Redkin Fresh Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner. You may also want to consider Ouidad Botanical Boost and Matrix Curl Life Defining Shampoo.
5. Layer Your Fragrances: A great way to create a signature fragrance is to layer them. Spray your favorite Fragrance on top and layer it with a new one until you find a scent that best suites you. Try several different fragrances till you achieve your signature blend. The safest way to blend is to use citrus notes, which can be layered with floral, woodsy and amber fragrances.

6. Give It a Good Scrub: Exfoliate your face weekly! Keeping your face fresh and vibrant is a great technique to keep yourself looking healthy and beautiful. Try using exfoliating with loofa gloves in the shower or bath for a better scrub. A quick pumicing on the soles of your feet during every shower will keep feet soft between pedicures.

7. Moisturize: Skin itches because it’s dry and irritated. Moisturizing after every shower will eliminate excessive dryness and prevent those itches from occurring. Giving your skin a daily dose of moisture helps improve pigments thus enhancing the shimmer of your skin tone. Try St. Tropez Body Moisturizer with L-Tyrosine. This moisturizer is a luxurious blend of botanicals, essential oils, and herbs combined with L-Tyrosine in an aloe vera base.
8. Summer Glow: You don’t always have to go to a tanning salon or beach front for a great tan. Now a days, you can self tan yourself in a bottle! Just spread the product evenly and wait. Make sure you choose a tanning lotion, spray, or moisturizer that matches your skin tone. If you want a simpler approach to a sunless glow, try dusting shimmer power on arms, cheeks, and legs. Try Vera Wang Luxury Moisturizing Body Shimmer and St. Tropez Instant Self-Tanning Mousse Whipped Bronze.

9. Nails: Go natural this summer with a light pink color for your flawless finger nails. Our Finger Nails go through a lot of stress. Take a few moments each day, or at least a few times a week, to monitor the condition of your nails. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. Fortify your diet with FDA approved vitamins or supplements. Your fingernails count on you to be responsible with your health and your diet. Unless instructed otherwise by your physician, increase your daily doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, protein, Vitamin B12, and zinc. For a splash of color, try OPI’s South Beach 2009 Collection- All the colors under the sun at your finger tips.

10. Get Some Sleep!: The American gets only seven hours of sleep instead of the 8-10 recommended by doctors, says the Department of Health and Human Services. A low dose of sleep not only affects your work, your mood, and your stress levels, but also your skin and eyes suffer. No matter what you do, when it comes to makeup tips, eyes that aren’t getting enough sleep will look dull and lifeless, not shiny and bright. Adding 20 minutes or more to your sleep session each night can really make a difference. This will cut down on the amount of times you rub your eyes, which can damage the delicate skin surrounding them.
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