When to Wear Different Types of Perfume; For Men and Women this Spring 2009

April 25, 2009

When to Wear Different Types of Perfume

Just as you have different styles of clothing for different occasions and seasons, you should also have a wardrobe of scents to match your moods and the season. Deciding which perfume to wear has a lot to do with personal preference and mood, but there are some tried-and-true rules for choosing scents that match different seasons and times.

Choosing Scents for the Seasons:

Step 1. Choose light florals and citrus scents for spring and summer. Heavier scents can be overpowering during the hotter days, especially when they mix with body sweat.

Step 2. Pick scents that are fresh and invigorating for the hottest days. Wearing citrus or a synthetic “ocean breeze” type of scent will actually make you feel cooler.

Step 3. Experiment with lighter spicy notes in the autumn. Scents with cinnamon and spice undertones are warming but not overly heavy, perfect for cooler days.

Step 4. Choose heavier scents such as musk and spice for winter wear. Perfumes with Oriental notes such as sandalwood and patchouli work well for winter months.

Choosing a Scent for the Occasion:

Step 1. Choose a sophisticated but light perfume for everyday and office wear. Many synthetic blends strike just the right note for a professional woman.

Step 2. Be a little daring for dates and nights on the town. Experiment with perfumes that have an Oriental base such as musk or civet.

Step 3. Suit your perfume to the season as well as the occasion. Choose lighter perfumes for warmer weather, and heavier notes for winter wear.

Step 4. Wear sophisticated and romantic florals for weddings and special functions.

Choosing Perfume According to Your Mood:

Step 1. Pick up your spirits with a light, fresh floral scent or a citrus splash.

Step 2. Express your sensual side with a perfume based in woodsy and Oriental tones.

Step 3. Be playful with fruity scents.

Step 4. Enjoy the calming effects of lavender and vanilla.

Tips & Warnings:

Feeling seductive? According to scientists, the most seductive perfumes are not the complex tones of musk and sandalwood. Instead, they say, wear vanilla, basil or cinnamon.

Avoid heavy, lush scents when the weather is warm. The heat can make them overpowering.

Choose your perfume for office wear carefully. Avoid heavy, seductive perfumes and overly sweet floral perfumes. Both will make you appear less professional.

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