Wedding Fragrance Ideas for Groom – Groom Cologne for Men

April 25, 2009

Wedding Groom Fragrance Cologne for Men

It is quite true that the sights and sounds make a wedding ceremony the momentous event that it is. But in privileging the higher senses, one should never undermine the existence of the lower senses, either. The sense of smell can be a potent influence on the human consciousness. Perfumes and fragrances, therefore, can play as important a role in a wedding ceremony as they do in day to day life. If one tends to assume that only women, including the bride, deserve fragrances, one would be mistaken. The groom is just as entitled to fragrances as the bride is. Top male fragrances for wedding, therefore, are just as necessary as any other component of a wedding.

The groom has to cosmetically prepare himself with just as much meticulous care as the bride deserves. There are several perfumed constituents of men’s toiletry, including not just eau de colognes, but also other items like aftershaves. Even fragrance soaps and shaving creams are important constituents among the top male fragrances for wedding. It is to be noted that in selecting an item from each of these categories, one should be careful so that a bad combination of scents does not lead to disastrous consequences.

Not to worry guys, here is a list of top fragrance’s to boost your confidence during her…I mean your…BIG day!
Davidoff Adventure

“I think it is important to go out and discover what an extraordinary world we have, and the people who live in it, and to broaden our minds instead of to narrow them… The thing about a real journey is that you have to lose control of it. You can’t control an adventure. You have to give yourself in to accepting whatever experience is round the corner. And you never have any idea what that might be.”- Ewan McGregor

Vibrant and captivating, Davidoff Adventure explores uncharted fragrance territory. Its fresh spicy woody composition is daring and elemental, inspired by the world’s great wilderness and raw, masculine emotion.

In the top note, Mandarin, Lemon and Bergamot conjure the sudden freshness of a rain forest after a shower, a cool harmony sharpened by the green energy of Mate leaves and the incisive notes of Black Pepper.

In contrast, the warm spices of wild earth – aromatic Black Sesame and South American Pimiento – explode upon the senses in a dramatic burst of colour and scent. Exotic woods – virile Peruvian Cedar wood and elegant Vetiver – mingle with robust, powerful White Musk’s in a distinctive dry-down that lingers sensually like the memory of somewhere faraway.

Like an adventurer’s flask, the bottle of Davidoff Adventure is a sturdy, masculine design, an instinctive form on which sleek silver metal meets the warm glow of the fragrance. It feels like a travel companion, holding the promise of rare sensations, unique experiences. Encasing the flask, the box has the rugged grain of leather, edged by a saddle-stitch motif. Against the rich brown background, the name Adventure is embossed in spicy yellow letters.

Available in Eau de Toilette 100ml Natural spray, Aftershave balm 100ml, Hair & body shampoo 200ml, and Deodorant stick 75ml.


This energetic and desirable fragrance has a liberating top note thanks to the explosive combination of wild sparkling blood orange, vibrant frozen rhubarb and pimento berry accord.

The pulse races at the unexpected and unconventional collide in a unique fragrance – JOOP! GO has a zest for life captured. The deeply masculine aromatic cypress, fuses with playful violet and iconic geranium bourbon to make a powerful statement of full-on vitality. And the foundation of this provocatively daring trail is the woody base notes of fir balsam and sensual musk. This is an outrageously frisky fragrance that completely encapsulates all it is to be a young gun. You simply cannot ignore JOOP! GO!

Available in Eau de Toilette 50ml, and matching body products.

DKNY Be Delicious

Sweet and sinful, innocent and sexy, simple and sophisticated. DKNY Be Delicious entices you to take a juicy bite out of life! DKNY Be Delicious seduces a modern day Adam and Eve to tempt one another with laughter and joy. Separately and together the scents inspire you to flirt, smile and take time to play.

DKNY Be Delicious features a unique American apple note created exclusively for DKNY. This sensual tonic fragrance combines zesty freshness with sexy masculine woods by way of luscious apples and aromatic coffees. Crisp tart green apple and sparkling coffee granita mingle in the energetic top note. Warm pomarose apple and African absolute meet in the soothing mid note, while ambery applewood and dark-roasted coffeewood continue the scent’s seduction as it expresses the energy and strength of the DKNY man.

The result – absolutely delicious! This fragrance is ideal for the modern groom wanting a fragrance that is both masculine and sensual – the perfect scent to seduce your bride.

Founded in 1989, DKNY was created by Donna Karan to be the streetside of her luxe collection. At DKNY, the clothes are friendly, the fashion fast, and the attitude sharp. Mouth-watering DKNY Be Delicious is like the city and brand that inspired it – ripe for love, life and adventure.

Style in Play by Lacoste

Lacoste Style in Play celebrates Lacoste’s core sporting heritage. Established in the 1930’s by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste, the crocodile has become a classic sporting icon combining the functionality of traditional sporting apparel with the inspired styling of global lifestyle fashion.

Hot on the heels of the global successes of Lacoste Pour Homme & Lacoste Pour Femme, Lacoste introduces a new fresh, energetic and confident fragrance. Lacoste Style in Play scent is masculine, fresh and full of vitality. It brings to life a combination of exotic fruits, spicy woods and sweet musks. This fragrance is perfect for the modern, stylish, athletic and motivated groom.

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