Fragrance Do’s and Dont’s Tips For Men and Women

April 25, 2009

Fragrance Do’s and Dont’s Tips For Men and Women

If you wear perfume, you walk the fine line all the time ‑- between overdoing it and underdoing it. The goal is to wear enough fragrance to feel good and make the right impression. But how do you prevent yourself from smelling like you just shopped the fragrance floor at Bloomingdale’s? Experts tell us it’s a combination of using common sense, knowing your body chemistry and adhering to the rules in fragrance-free zones

The cardinal rule is don’t use too much. It may seem obvious, but sometimes we absent-mindedly spritz our pulse points, our garments, our hair, our necks, without thinking. That’s overkill. “French perfumer Annick Goutal always said a great fragrance is the secret between one’s self and one’s self,” says Tom Crutchfield, business manager for Etro Fragrances at Bergdorf Goodman and a 20-year perfume-world veteran. Think of it this way, he says: You want your fragrance to please you most of all, or those who get closest to you. “Once it goes beyond your two-foot to three-foot personal space, perhaps you put on a bit more than you want to.”

Also keep in mind that you may not be able to smell your Chanel No. 5 anymore because it’s been your favorite brand for years. “We get used to our fragrance, and people think, Oh, my gosh, I’ve got to wear more of it. But less is more.” Crutchfield generally recommends applying one spritz per pulse point: at the nape of your neck (great when you swing your hair), behind your knee (if wearing a dress or skirt), on your cleavage, behind your wrist, in the crook of your elbow and behind your ears. How many pulse points is up to you ‑- but don’t use so little fragrance that it’s not detectable. “A lot of people spray the air and walk through it, but that doesn’t really work,” Crutchfield adds. “They’re just walking through air.”

Choose the right fragrance. During the day, lighten your scent, suggests Rochelle Bloom, president of the Fragrance Foundation. Often, more glamorous fragrances that are appropriate for evenings are just too heavy for cubicle quarters and subway rides. Look for light floral, green or citrus notes for the office. Casting agent Karen Dubin, who sponsors fragrance-buying trips in New York City that she calls Sniffapalooza, has an extensive fragrance “wardrobe,” which includes favorite “office-neutral and board-meeting scents,” as well as richer scents for evening. Her favorite way to keep fragrance unobtrusive at the office? She buys small, inexpensive roll-on bottles to fill with scents to take to work. “It’s far less intrusive than spraying, because you’re just touching the ball to your skin,” she says.

Be conscious of fragrance-free zones. Some situations call for complete fragrance restraint, in consideration of others. Wine-tasting events and yoga classes are no-no’s. While Curves International, the fitness franchise, does not have a policy concerning fragrance, some of the independently owned outlets post signs requesting that women refrain from wearing scents when they work out, since some members have allergies and the workout stations are close to one another.

Have fun! Now that you know not to overdo it, don’t worry too much about how to do it. A favorite fragrance is unique to each person. So it’s essential to follow your heart when selecting one. What do you wear for your wedding, or on a first date, or for a special anniversary? Bergdorf’s Crutchfield says simply, “Wear something you love!”

Definate Do’s:

1. If you have dry skin, wear extra perfume. The oils in your skin, or lack thereof, can enhance or weaken the scent. When it’s cold out, wear extra perfume. Cold weather tends to weaken the scent as well. When, buying new perfume, don’t base your decision on what works for someone else. Try it out on your own skin first. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a scent.

2. The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower or bath. After bathing, your skin pores will be open and will soak up the perfume’s fragrance. Also when bathing, use non-deodorized soap where the perfume will be applied. Soaps and deodorants can affect how the perfume will smell on your skin; the mixture won’t always be pleasant!

3. When applying perfume, dab it in unusual places where it will stay warm and keep its scent longer. It can be applied on the inside of the elbow, on the wrist, neck, stomach, cleavage, and back of the knees.


1. While there are many positives to wearing perfume, there are few things to avoid. One involves perfume and jewelry. Certain types of jewelry, such as costume or pearl jewelry, can become discolored due to perfume alcohols. Some jewelry can also be stripped of its outer coating. When wearing perfume with this type of jewelry, apply it away from the jewelry.

2. Don’t use only one perfume year round. Test out various perfumes during seasonal changes to see which ones work best in the hot or cool temperatures. Different fragrances are affected by temperatures when it comes to scent intensity.

3. Never apply perfume behind the ears. It can blend with skin secretions and create a bad smell. Also, don’t spray perfume onto light-colored clothes because it can turn the fabric yellow.

4. When buying perfumes online, try out the same brand and scent in a local store first to be sure it’s right for you. You can often find great perfumes and men’s colognes such as Adidas, Antonio Puig, Anucci, Byblos, Britney Spears, Bulgari, Chanel, Capucci, Cartier, and more at online shopping stores.

5. Did you know that what you eat can affect the intensity of your fragrance? Foods high in fat and spice can make the scent more heavily bodied. That might not be something you counted on.

6. Are you planning a ski trip? If so, you might want to take your fragrance with you. High altitudes will deaden the intensity of your fragrance in a very short time.

7. Go easy on your fragrance if you are planning on dinner at your favorite restaurant. While you might not notice your scent, the diners at the next table just might. Not a big deal, you might be thinking! Try eating dinner when all you can smell is cologne. Do everyone a favor and use your scent sparingly.

Use these tips to find that perfect perfume for you and start drawing people to you with your lovely scent!

Find a fragrance that complements your skin and natural aroma of your body. The scent should be subtle enough to not invade anyone else’s “personal space” but pleasant enough that others will want to stay around you. Perfume is meant to enhance your personality, attire, and overall being.

When you visit the fragrance department in a department store, sample perfumes by spraying a couple of fragrances on your skin in areas located far apart from one another. For example, spray one type on your hand and the other on your upper arm. Don’t try spraying on more than two fragrances in a single trip. Then, leave the store or at least the perfume section for a few minutes to smell the fragrances on your skin. This will allow you to smell the scents without them blending with others from the fragrance section.

Try each scent directly on your skin to be sure it’s the perfect match. The fragrance should blend well with your normal body aroma, as well as the scents of your clothing detergent, shampoos, and makeup.

If you think you’ve found the perfect perfume for you, wait a day before buying. Try on a sample of only that particular perfume from the department store and then leave it on for a day. Be sure it doesn’t lose its scent during the day, change scents, or cause any allergies or headaches. Wearing it for a day should reveal all of these.

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