Baxter of California Bravado 2 & Bravado 3 Cologne for Men

April 25, 2009

New Baxter of California Bravado 2 & Bravado 3 Cologne for Men

American men’s grooming company Baxter of California will introduce two new scents from mid-April 2009 inspired in name only by the original Bravado cologne launched in the early 1970s. In fact, the new owner Jean-Pierre Mastey knew he didn’t want the new Bravados to smell anything like the earlier woodsy-floral cologne which has been retired for 7 years. He turned to fragrance supplier Belmay who blended the original to archive Bravado and create 2 and 3. Bravado 2 and Bravado 3 are described as being both “…light and sophisticated scents designed to fringe on unisex.”… Mastey said that “Bravado 2 has an edgy, citrus and musky accord, while Bravado 3 has more soapy, clean and softer notes.”

The official olfactory descriptions are:

BRAVADO 2, fragrance Notes: Top Note: Citrus Middle Note: Light Floral Dry Down: Soft Vanilla Musk, Slight Citrus Slight Notes: Natural Lemon Oil Peel, Basil, Cypress, Mandarin

BRAVADO 3, fragrance Notes: Top Note: Mandarin Citrus Middle Note: White Floral Lavender Dry Down: Musk Woody Slight Notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Lavender.

About the bottles:

“Marc Atlan, an art director with fragrance packaging credits including Comme des Gar- cons, Helmut Lang and Yves Saint Laurent, designed Bravado’s new bottle and packaging. Unlike traditional box packaging, Atlan stayed away from using ink or glue. Instead, he created a bold study in contrasts by use a dense and intricate explosion of splatters, sprays and drips in foil application. “The packaging is unapologetic, radical and absolutely masculine,” says Atlan.

The scents come in 100 ml flacons.

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One Response to “Baxter of California Bravado 2 & Bravado 3 Cologne for Men”

  1. Terence Says:

    These fragrances are amazing. I worked with the brand previously on a product launch to the media, so I’ve been a fan for some time. I remember my father using one of the shave creames as a kid.

    I recently received samples of the fragrances above for a story I’m working on, and instantly fell in love; it was hard to choose a favorite (maybe BRAVADO 2). The owner never ceases to amaze me with what he comes up with.

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