Paula Abdul Sexy Thoughts Perfume for Women

April 24, 2009

Paula Abdul Sexy Thoughts Perfume for Women

Celebrity Fragrance Announcement!

Eighties pop star-turned-American Idol judge Paula Abdul is set to launch her first fragrance after realizing she has a good nose for a hit smell. The Straight Up singer has partnered with noses at perfume firm Fermenich to create her new scent Sexy Thoughts. It is expected that the top note be shy, the heart note playful, and the base note, very powerful, like herself.
The singer and American Idol judge named the perfume Sexy Thoughts because that’s what she believes it invokes.

She said, “It’s something that happens when people smell me. It provokes that! Its fun, its flirty, its chic. It’s sexy.” She goes on, “There are times when I’m shy, there are times when I’m playful. There’s times when I’m very powerful. It totally captures the spirit of who I am.”

No details have been released yet on notes, name, or size. It is expected to launch in 2010.

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