How to Volumize Hair – Add Volume To Fine, Curly and Flat Hair

April 24, 2009

How to Volumize Hair – Add Volume To Fine, Curly and Flat Hair

Big hair is what’s currently HOT~ I’m not talking about 1960’s beehives or 1980’s ratted hair do’s. 2009 modern hair styles scream VOLUME! Hair volume is BIG this season and if you’ve tried desperately to puff up your strands, here are some tips to achieve your ideal style this summer. Whether you have fine, curly, or flat hair, these techniques will boost your hair volume in no time!

For Starters:

Cleanse Carefully: Use a volumizing conditioner and shampoo. (apply conditioner only to ends) Applying to tips won’t weight your hair down. Try: Dove Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Give Your Roots a Turbo Boost: Apply the a light volumizing product before blow drying. Start from the mid root area- unless your hair is fine, apply to base roots only. Try: Redken 5th Avenue Full Frame Protecting Volumizing Mousse.

Blow Drying: For maximum oomph, lift sections of your hair upwards and blow-dry, directing the hot air toward your scalp. This “cooks” the roots and dries them in an upright and lifted position. (Do not flip hair upside down. Flipping your head over to blow-dry gives your hair width not height.) Try: Conair’s Ionic Hair Dryers

Use a Flat Backed Brush: Instead of teasing your your roots with a comb, use a flat-backed brush. Since the bristles are spaced apart it will less likely damage your hair.

Mist, Don’t Drench: Heavy hairspray is the ultimate volume enemy! If you must use a finishing product, spritz it into the air and walking through. Or, spray it onto your hands and then run them through your strands.

If you have:

Long Hair

1. STAY AWAY from washing your hair the day you will be styling. Hair tends be have more natural volume when it is frequently freshly washed. You you absolutely need to wash your hair, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Apply a Volumizing mousse to damp hair. Work the product into the roots with a wide toothed comb.

3. Use a brush to lift the first one to two inches of your hair straight up away from your scalp and point the dryer’s nozzle under the section directed upwards for more hair volume at the roots of your hair. Leave the dryer there for a few seconds and then move on to the next section.

4. Finish scrunching the hair until it is only slightly damp if you are wearing your hair curly. Let your hair air dry the rest of the way to avoid your hair getting frizzy.

5. Use a dime to a quarter-sized dollop of hair pomade or styling wax to tame any frizzies and define the ends. Try: Aveda Custom Control Gel Wax

6. For a final burst of hair volume, flip your head upside down and lightly mist your hair with a light-hold hair spray. Bring your head right side up again and use your fingers to fix any stray hairs.

Short Hair

1. Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Run a wide-toothed comb through the hair and evenly distribute the product through your hair.

2. Vent or round brushed are recommended when drying. Focus on the roots of your hair by lifting them off the scalp and blow dry under each section. Repeat this for all areas of hair.

3. Use a brush to smooth the ends of your hair in place. Styling against natural hair parts increases volume.

4. Separate your strands and add a volumizing wax. Coat your fingers and run your fingers through your strands. For a chunky look, coat small sections only.

5. For a little extra volume, spray the first two inches of your roots with hair spray.

If you have fine hair, beware of how much hair product you put on your hair. Many products are heavy and weigh down and limp your strands. Remember to look for mousses with volumizers or spray gels that hold without putting pressure on your hair. Try: Infusium 23 Volumologie Collection.

Try hot rollers for a soft curl volume. Simply alter between small and medium rollers for shorter hair and medium rollers for long hair. One rollers are cooled, separate curls with fingers. Begin styling.

Curly Hair
1. Wash your hair with specialized shampoo and conditioner that volumizes naturally curly hair.

2. Use a blow dryer on hair that is already curly. Hold sections of hair up and point the dryer upward. This will set the roots in a higher position making it look fuller.

3. Give your unique curls more volume with a volumizing product. Gels are made to give hair an extra push for volume. Apply these products while styling. Try Tresemme’ Flawless Curl Extra Hold Mousse.

With these tips and a daily regime, your lifeless strands with glimmer with sunshine in no time! Not all products may work well with your hairs texture. Don’t be afraid to browse around! Happy Volumizing!

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