How To Apply Face Foundation-Beauty Tips For All Types Of Skin Tones

April 24, 2009

How To Apply Liquid Foundation-Beauty Tips For All Types Of Skin Tones

Foundation is a necessity when it comes to great make up application. It’s purpose is to even out skin tones and, for most of us, hide those hard to get rid of blemishes and dark spots. Applying a base of liquid foundation in the morning and setting it with foundation powder will give you flawless skin all day. Applying make up foundation doesn’t have to be a mess anymore, here are some beauty tips to help keep your skin flawless!

Step One:
Begin with using a facial cleanser and make sure your hands are clean. Applying make-up to a dirty face just cakes on your foundation and leaves your skin no room to breath. It becomes even more oily!

Step Two:
Apply Moisturizer that corresponds to your skin type. Let it sit for a couple minutes till all areas are dry. You might want to try St. Tropez Daily Moisturizer for Women. (See Blog)

Step Three:
Camouflage your dark under circles with a concealer. Try Yves Saint Laurent Aniti-Cernes Multi Action Concealer

Step Four:
Select a liquid foundation that is appropriate to your skin type. The color you choose should match your skin, disappearing when blended well. Use a makeup sponge or your fingertips to dot the liquid foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Now, blend the dots together with the help of your sponge or fingertips. Try Clinique Balanced Make-Up Base

Step Five:
Blend out to your hair and jawline until the foundation vanishes. Make sure they do not have an obvious line where the foundation ends. Don’t try to pull or stretch the skin. Be careful in the area around your eyes where the skin is very thin and fragile. Apply foundation on your eyelids and lips too.

Step Six:
Set the liquid foundation with loose powder immediately following application. Try using Royal & Langnickel’s Line of make up brushes for an even spread.


1. Don’t apply foundation all over your face but only on those areas that need to be covered, such as around your eyes and nose and on your chin.

2. Try using tinted moisturizers if your complexion is dewy, and you’re really looking out for a light, sheer wash to even out the blotches.

3. For long-lasting foundation, apply a base of foundation and then moisturizer. If you don’t do this, your dry skin will soak up the foundation; and if you have oily skin, go in for an oil-free moisturizer and powder foundation.

4. On hot days, to keep your foundation in place, use a loose powder and puff in the morning and do regular touch ups throughout the day.

5. For an evening do blend together some shimmer powder with your powder and put it where it can catch the light, such as the bridge of the nose, below the brow bone, the temples, cheekbone, chin and shoulders.

6. Use foundation in combination with a sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 to prevent sun damage and early aging of the skin.
If the color of your skin changes, change your foundation shade.

7. Once you finish applying foundation, stand near a window to see if it looks natural.

Applying Foundation has never been so easy!

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