Beauty Tips for Women Over Age 40

April 24, 2009

Beauty Tips for Women Over Age 40

Women are always interested in looking beautiful. Beauty during young age may not be a vital issue as youth has its own beauty. When this starts fading away, we tend to realize the importance of beauty in life. This is why aging women are found being even more alert about their beauty.

The fact is, a woman in her 40’s is much more interesting than a woman in her twenties. She is more seasoned, poised, confident and wise. You know what you want and your definatly not afraid to go get it. You have a more definite sense of style that is, if you allowed yourself to develop it. Sadly, many women simply let themselves go when they reach their 40s. They no longer bother to update their hairstyle and wardrobes. A woman in her 40s’ may think that because she is not getting any younger anymore, there is no longer any purpose to going out of her way to make herself look good.

Feel beautiful with these simple tips!


Not everyone is born with the perfect face. If you asked your friends most of them would say they felt their eyes were too close together, too far apart, too squinty. Thankfully we live in a day where makeup can do all sorts of optical illusions. Here are a few simple techniques using eye shadow & eyeliner to create several illusions based on your needs.

1. Closer Together: Most eyes look better when the emphasis is on the outer corner of the eye (or the ‘v’). But emphasizing the inner corner will make eyes look closer together. Start by sweeping a light shadow over the whole eye area. Then dust a medium color on the inner half of the eyelid and blend outward to create a natural finish. Next, line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle & then blend outward.

2. Further Apart: If your eyes are less than an eyes-width apart, you can create the allusion of being wider set by keeping the inside corners of your eyes light and the outer edges darker. To do this, sweep a concealer one shade lighter than your skin at the inner corner of the lids. Blend well and don’t forget the gray shadowy areas on the side of your nose. Take a matte eyeshadow in a medium-to-dark shade and stroke it outward and slightly upward from the middle part of your lid to the outer half of your lid. Take eyeliner and start the line just a bit in from the inner corner of your eye, tapering the line up and out, just a bit past the outer corner of the eyes.

3. Bigger: The key to making eyes bigger is to focus on light shades. Dark ones will make eyes appear even smaller. Sweep a light shade over lid, then shade the outer corner of the lid and the crease with a darker shade. Line the outer upper and lower lids with eyeliner making sure to taper a bit outside the eye (elongating it). Lastly, a dab of white or cream shadow in the middle of the brow bone will make eyes pop. (A word of warning: make sure brows are perfectly plucked, otherwise stray hairs will stand out as if lit by lights).

4. Less Droopy: You can lift down-turned eyes with makeup. Apply shadow to the outer corner of the lid, extending color up and out like a feline shape. Add a light highlight color to brow bone and skip the eyeliner. It will only accentuate the ‘droopy’ contour. Apply mascara, concentrating on the inner corner of the eye. Lastly, you can try smudging a silver show on the inner corners of the eyes to help ‘lift’ them.


Baby your hands & feet! Hands and feet can suffer terribly in cold weather. Put on moisturizer and gloves BEFORE you head outdoors, and consider lathering up your feet in thick moisturizer and sleeping in cotton socks at night.

Stay hydrated but don’t go overboard. Many people believe if they drink more water, they’ll hydrate skin. It is a myth and you simply cannot moisturize skin from the inside out. That said, a small study recently published by the University of Hamburg (and reported in Allure magazine), suggests people who drink relatively little water could see a significant benefit in skin hydration if they started drinking nine eight-ounce glasses of water per day. What does this mean? Probably that dehydration does affect skin, but a normally hydrated person isn’t going to see major benefits by drinking even more water.

Hot water robs skin of moisture causing dry skin, so it’s best to shower in lukewarm water. The hot, hot temperature, combined with drying chemicals, is torture on dry skin. The same rule applies to hand-washing: Wash hands in lukewarm, never hot, water. If your skin turns red, the water is simply too hot.

To keep your skin feeling dewy and moist even in the harshest conditions, try CK One Electric Body Lotion by Calvin Klein. It’s vibrant, fresh and electric! CK One Electric enlivens your senses with cooling freshness that amplifies your wild side. It makes you feel intense, alive and kinetic. It’s YOU tuned up! Available in a 6.7 oz skin to skin body.

Bath Time

Don’t scrub every day. Avoid over exfoliating by scrubbing a couple times a week. If you have sensitive skin, consider a lighter touch.

Don’t scrub after you shave. You risk stinging your skin. However, do a good scrub before you shave which will remove dead skin cells so they don’t clog up your razor.

Scrub towards your heart. This is a long time beauty secret. Start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and the torso. Continue at your fingertips and massage up the arm.

After every bath or shower, moisturize your skin. Try Michael Kors Leg Shine by Michael Kors. This women’s scent combines creamy florals with exotic spices to create a Tuberose fragrance. Modern meets classic, cool meets warm, feminine meets masculine with this one. Available only in a 2.6 oz Leg Shine-Classic. Also during your bath use Vera Wang Sheer Veil Bath & Shower Gel by Vera Wang. It’s a celebration of sheer femininity that sparkles with a touch of spontaneity and a mood that illuminates with sparkling clarity and a lightness of heart. Sheer Veil Bath and Shower Gel allows a woman’s true radiance to shine though. Available in 5.0 oz Shimmering Bath and Shower Gel.


Instead of cotton balls (which will leave fuzzies), try using a lint-free cotton pad. Saturate the cotton pad with acetone remover & rub off the old polish. If the color isn’t coming off easily, press the saturated cotton on the nail & let it soak in first. For stained nails, try rubbing whitening toothpaste on your nails. You can also rub a drop of lemon or lavender oil on each toe & rub a buffer back & forth over the nail. This will remove the yellowed outer layer.

For Feet- Fill a large flat-bottom bowl with warm water. Throw in bath salts, your favorite aromatherapy oils or Epsom Salt & let your feet soak 10 minutes. The more cracked & calloused your feet, the longer they need to stay in. Add a quarter cup of milk to your bath along with the essential oils & salts. The lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin.

Color, of course, corresponds with your preference and personality. Check out O.P.I. nail polish. They have a brilliant selection of spicy colors for summer (South Beach 2009 Collection- See Blog) as well as light pink florals (Fairy Tale Bride Collection- See Blog) for any occasion. Tip: It’s good to paint any polish remaining on the brush over the front nail edge. This prevents chipping. After nails have dried, spritz with a moisturizing oil like Cashmere Mist Body Lotion by Donna Karan. This sets your polish & moisturizes your cuticles.


Perfume builds self confidance and holds several great health benefits on your body. It makes you feel younger and stronger. It may even remind you of your youth! Whatever the case, a great signature fragrance allows you to glow! If you don’t have a Signature Fragrance, think about what your favorite types of scents are. How do you want to reflect your inner being? Exotic and oriental scents include amber, sandalwood and vanilla such as Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy. Fruity Floral notes typically include jasmine, rose, musk, violet pedals, and gardenia. (example Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs)

Hair Color

Are you warm or are you cool? You’re likely a “warm” if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes (most Latinas, Asians and African Americans fall into this category). “Warm” women tan easily and the veins in their inner wrists are green. You’re a “cool” if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes, you burn before you tan and the veins in your wrists run blue. If you’re confused because you sometimes burn, sometimes tan, you likely skew warm.

If you have warm skin, opt for golden shades such as caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin. Avoid jet-black hair which will wash you out. If you are a cool shade, avoid colors such as gold, auburn or copper. They will only highlight the ruddiness of your skin tone. Ash blondes and cool browns work best.

You can’t hide that Gray! Gray hair can be stubborn to color because of its coarse texture. Many women hide their gray hair with blonde color. If you want to stick with your natural color and your hair is less than one-thirds gray, try for a semi-permanent color that’s a shade lighter than your natural color (or matches your color). The gray will blend right in.

You can also match your hair color with a great refreshing fragrance! See for yourself! (See Blog- Fragrances for Women – Match Natural Hair Color )

One should avoid plucking out grey hair! If you have grey hair and do not want to color them, keep them neatly trimmed and styled.

Quick Tips:

-Apply vitamin enriched cold cream every night on your face

-Exfoliating your skin with oatmeal before a bath rejuvenates it and keeps it firm

-Wear clothes appropriate to your age

-Keep yourself occupied with hobbies and interests that give you pleasure

Exercise like a brisk walk is advisable

-Above all, remember maturity gives dignity, charm and elegance to a person which is as good as, if not better than youthful beauty.

You can find everything you need to feel vibrant at!

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