Aramis Lab Series Skincare Series for Men

April 24, 2009

Aramis Lab Series Skincare for Men

We all know that physical appearance plays an enormous role in determining how others perceive us. With these impressions being somewhat skin-deep, it pays to look younger, or at least well kept, whether in the workplace or in the dating arena. With our busy daily schedules, it’s sometimes hard to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, not to menchin that award winning edge.

A global leader and authority in men’s skincare, Lab Series is solely dedicated to men and their skin’s unique needs. Since 1987, the elite team of doctors, scientists and skin care specialists of the Lab Series Research Center has developed high-performance, technologically advanced skincare, hair and shaving essentials to keep men looking healthy, comfortable and well-groomed.

Does your skin easily nick, burn and/or get red and bumpy after you shave?
Many men find that shaving goes more smoothly when using a glycerin or aloe-based shaving cream or gel. Not only will these types of products soothe your skin, but they will allow your razor to glide across your face. For best results massage the cream or gel into your beard. And, of course, always shave with the grain first then, if necessary, you can shave against it. Finish with a soothing aftershave balm or your daily moisturizer. Note: stay away from alcohol- based aftershaves; they will only irritate your skin.

Lab Series Maximum Shave Gel is a rich gel-to-foam formula that softens and preps the beard. It cushions the face for a close, smooth shave. Not only does it soothe and lightly hydrate the skin, it provides outstanding lubricants to reduce shave friction. Available in a 6.7 oz Shave Gel, Maximum Shave Gel will get rid of your usual hassle with bumps and irritation. Directions: Massage onto wet face and neck. Shave as usual.

We all like to go out now and again to throw a few bruskies back. So what can you do to keep your face looking fresh even though the rest of you doesn’t feel that way? It should be no surprise that drinking (alcoholic beverages that is) takes the moisture right out of your skin, which is why you look sallow the morning after. One way to avoid this is to keep up on your daily skin care regime of toning and moisturizing. It will help keep your skin soft and replenished. At least once a week use a facial scrub or exfoliant. This will slough off dead skin and help you look more radiant.

Also, premature aging to the skin and wrinkles are caused by exposure to the sun. Skin cancer risk is also significantly increased. However, sun damage is avoidable by making sure you use sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. So part of your daily skin care regime should include using a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher all year-round, even on cloudy days.

Aramis Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion for Men is an all-day moisturizer and environmental defense for fresher, healthier-looking skin. The Daily Moisture Defense Lotion is a lightweight moisture lotion that continuously hydrates, smoothes and reconditions skin. This breakthrough technology delivers solar-activated protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays, smoke and pollution with an SPF 15. The anti-oxidants helps guard against the signs of aging, perfect for all skin types.

Directions: Apply to face and neck every morning after cleansing or shaving. Avoid eye area. Available in a 3.4 oz Daily Moisture Defense Lotion.

A good way to avoid those nasty wrinkles is to apply a night moisturizer before you head off to dreamland. The time that the body spends sleeping is one of regeneration. It is the time that your body can undo a lot of the harm that you encounter during the day, and it is this time that a night cream can attempt to manage the harm done to your skin. While a day cream is suited towards protection, guarding you from the various effects of your environment, including harsh light from the sun and pollutants you may encounter, a night cream should be oriented towards healing what you encountered in the time available.

Aramis Lab Series Night Recovery Lotion for Men is a vitamin-enriched moisture infusion that works nights to repair and replenish skin’s appearance, while protecting against the visible signs of aging as you sleep. This great formula delivers a supple, fresher, healthier appearance in the morning. Night Recovery Lotion firms the skin while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, with a potent antioxidant complex which helps protect the skin from damaging free radicals and environmental assaults. Providing immediate and long-lasting hydration, perfect for all skin types.

Directions: Apply to clean face and neck before bed. Available in a 1.7 oz Night Recovery Lotion.

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